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Every day, hundreds of individuals just like you choose Launch You to kickstart their entrepreneurial dreams. Whether you're a newbie, transitioning from a 9-5, or simply seeking the best strategies to launch your online venture – Launch You is the premier, like-minded business education community worldwide.

Our Mission

Society often limits us to mediocrity, but we're meant for greatness. Every individual possesses the untapped potential for an extraordinary life. Our mission is to empower, educate, and support you in achieving your version of success with our proven online business blueprint that, if followed, will make your success in creating a life and business that you love inevitable.

Our Vision

We are a global community of dreamers and doers, united in our pursuit of designing purposeful, freedom-driven lives. Our vision for you, a powerful creator, is to construct your own reality; embracing radical personal responsibility as our cornerstone, we empower each individual to create businesses that are extensions of their authentic selves.

Empowerment Beyond Education: We’re A Movement

We aren’t just another online education platform; we’re a movement. A movement that champions the spirit of independence, the thrill of new beginnings, and the freedom that comes from building something that's truly, uniquely yours.

Here’s How It Works

Follow Our Proven Framework For Success

Our Framework

Our all-in-one platform brings together the education, tools, and resources you need to succeed in one convenient, all-in-one solution.

We understand that starting a new business can be overwhelming, and that's why we have a proven framework that takes you through three essential phases: Prepare, Launch, and Grow.




In the PREPARE phase, you'll establish strong foundations by constructing a solid business model, pinpointing your specific niche, understanding your target audience, and deciding on your primary product to sell. This essential stage sets the groundwork, aligning your business with your personal goals, market needs, and the core offering that will drive your success.



The LAUNCH phase focuses on the visual and functional aspects of your business. You'll create a memorable brand identity that resonates with your audience and launch a stunning website that reflects your brand. This phase sets the stage for your business's online presence and ensures that your message reaches the right people.



During the GROW phase, you'll implement marketing strategies tailored to your audience and begin the process of growing your business. Through effective promotion and strategic marketing, this phase helps you expand your reach, increase efficiency, and take your business into a profitable reality.

Trying to Start An Online Business is Overwhelming If you don't have a plan…

We'll equip you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset you need to unlock your limitless potential. Step by step, with our guidance, you'll transform your vision into a tangible dream business.


Acquire the foundational mindset crucial for digital entrepreneurial success, saving you years of trial and error.

Business Model

Choose your dream business model and learn how to earn increased profits by "keeping it simple," adding no distractions or complexity
to your business.


Learn how to identify hot trends and set yourself up for rapid growth, by positioning your business in high growth and demand markets.


Discover the essential steps to pinpointing your perfect customer avatar and avoid the common mistake of trying to sell to everyone
and anyone.


Learn the power of a magnetic brand, clean design, the right colors, fonts, images, and messaging to set you
apart from the noise.


Use our proven tools, strategies, and templates to launch your website and create a compelling online appearance with
step-by-step instructions
and VIP support.


Learn how to use online marketing to generate leads and sales and how to build a loyal audience without having to spam social media, pick up the phone,
or chase people.


Establish the essential systems for your business to thrive, ensuring it doesn't rely solely on your constant presence. Scaling is about working smarter,
not harder.

Our Approach

Three Ways To Build Something You Love

At Launch You, we prioritize intentional steps for business success. We offer three tailored approaches to support your journey, ensuring optimal alignment with your goals. Upon joining, a dedicated Launch Advisor will assess the best fit for you, guaranteeing personalized guidance for your success.


The Do-It-Yourself approach is designed for motivated individuals who have the work ethic to build their businesses and brand themselves. With our step-by-step LaunchPad program and framework, you'll have all the tools you need to get started and grow your business on your own terms.


The Done-With-You approach is perfect for those who need extra accountability and mentorship as they work through the LaunchPad program. Our coaches and implementation partners will provide hands-on guidance and support to help you stay on track and build a six-figure online business and brand.


The Done-For-You approach is ideal for those who have the resources to take a shortcut and want to save time. Our team will guide you through the LaunchPad program and then build and launch your new website and brand for you, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

No matter which approach you choose, we are committed to helping you build something you love.

A Dream Match: Your Dreams & Launch You. Unleash Your Potential with the Ultimate All-In-One Platform.

Our Essential Features for Unmatched Success.



Access a comprehensive online business curriculum and over 15,000 courses.



Get personalized support with optional 1-on-1 and group mentoring for extra direction and guidance.



Benefit from powerful tools designed for passion discovery and identifying world needs you can niche into.



Create a unique online presence with ease using our website builder and customizable themes.



Enhance your website's capabilities with a few clicks using our site plugins.



Join a network of ambitious individuals from around the world and collaborate towards success.

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"We believe that in today's modern world, entrepreneurship is the key to a better life."

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